Welcome to the District of Running!

I’d never really planned on having a personal blog site, but sometimes things change. And I think this is going to be a really fun change! This blog was born out of my frustration with another site, where I was one of many “bloggers” within a larger community forum. I love being part of that community, but technical issues have been plaguing the site for months, and the final straw landed when I got locked out of my account and numerous exchanges with tech support have done nothing to fix the problem. Not being able to post on that site made me realize how much I value an outlet for writing about running, training, and racing. Hence, the birth of this site.

I envision using this venue to talk about how training is going for my next race (or three…), to publish race reports once that training is finished, to share fun stories about my runs around DC and the surrounding area, and to ramble about whatever else is on my mind. That might be a tasty new recipe I’ve just tried, or planning my next travel adventure, or the pitfalls and pratfalls of being a single 30-something navigating life in DC. I don’t know exactly what it’ll turn into yet, but I’m excited to find out!

Happy running!

Morning Monument Run

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