Out and about in the District

Last weekend was the DC State Fair, or rather, the DC “State” Fair. It was brutally hot but still fun to walk around and see what passes for agriculture in the District, some musical performances, and various arts and craft vendors similar to what can often be found at Eastern Market.

The ladies of the Batalá Washington drumming group:


DC-sized agriculture:


Food-themed wall art:


The venue for the State Fair:



Yesterday I decided to talk a leisurely walk around town while getting some errands done (Fridays are my one regular day off from running, so naturally I was too restless to sit at home, especially on such a gorgeous summer day).

First I wandered south through Meridian Hill Park, and visited the Joan of Arc statue:


Hey there little squirrel!


For reasons I’m not aware of, there’s a Dante Alighieri statue in the park. He seems friendly (*sarcasm*)


I headed a little ways East on T Street to see one of my favorite blocks in the city. I love these little row houses with their garden plots.



Then I wandered south on 14th Street, and stopped by the greatest hardware store ever. I love the colorful whirligigs they hung over the door.


Obviously I had to visit the Q Street Barbies to see what they were up to. Without an obviously-themed holiday recently passed or coming up, I had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t disappointed. The Titanic vignette seems a bit random, but completely enjoyable.


I saw this colorful place at the southern end of Adams Morgan on my way back towards home.


By the time I was walking back up north through the park towards home, the wonderful fountain was flowing again! It’s been broken all summer, and I’ve missed seeing the iconic cascading tiers.


People weren’t the only ones enjoying having water back in the fountains again!





After my wanderings, I was ready for a drink and some company, so I went up to the roof with my friend and neighbor Katie for our own personal rooftop happy hour. This view just doesn’t get old. That’s the Washington National Cathedral in the background.


We were treated to one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen here. It just kept getting better every time we looked up.





Finally night fell on our fair city. This is the view from the roof looking south from our apartment building. It’s pretty ok.


Yesterday was one of those idyllic summer days that makes me love this city so much. We shall see if I still love it tomorrow when I’m running 22 miles around it…


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